Ghost - EP

by Tell The Wolves I'm Home

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Kurt Donahue
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Kurt Donahue This EP is just great. I can't really put it into words..... The vocals are brutal as fuck and the cleans leave me with a good feeling. Idk man, I love TTWIH Favorite track: Martyr.
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released June 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Tell The Wolves I'm Home Nashville, Tennessee

Straight from the heart of Music City comes TTWIH with bone crunching grooves and soaring choruses. We're here to bring Nashville back to its metal roots!

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Track Name: Blood of My Brothers
Seek shelter
Hold your loved ones
The end of days is here
These wolves in sheep's clothing
cut my throat ear to ear

You've been judged and found guilty
My blood cries for revenge
All the Martyrs have all been slaughtered
My brothers shall be avenged
Track Name: Daggers
This is a holocaust

You can't run
You can't hide
I've got your sent
I'lll hunt you down until you're dead inside
Try and beg
For your life
You screwed it up all on your own
I'm here to take what's mine

You blame me for all you mistakes
I try to ignore your face
Go ahead, beg me to come back
You'll find it's compassion I lack

I gave you everything

You took me for a fool
You thought I wouldn't see
Your spiteful truths like daggers
Lodged in your agony
And you think
I will take you back in my arms
Like I still care
Like I know you

But you'll find no safety

And I saw through your lies
Your mask was torn
Revealing your true face
You used to be so
beautiful inside

Something ate its way out of you
I can see the hate seeping inside
Your lungs
You breathe it in like the cancer you cause

Like the cancer that's killing us all
You can't live with hate
Or it will
Destroy you

Destroy you
Track Name: Martyr
You have failed me
Every time I put my faith in you
I believed in you
And now I see that you
Are still the spineless coward
That you've always been
I cannot begin
To paint the portrait
Of my hate

I plant my beliefs firmly in my chest
At least I stand for something
At least I don't regress


Cry out
With no sound
My blood and my sweat
Lie upon the ground
And I
I would die
For the chance to make this right
I'm fighting for my life

The blood of the slain lays on the ground
I cannot breath, I make no sound
As I walk through the battle inside
My rage makes me numb to your mercy cries

I feel no discord as I strike you down
I'm ready for the end
At peace with what I've found

And I
wont back down
I cannot be weak
My life is bound
To what
I believe
I will not give in
I wont bend my knee
Track Name: Ghost
You took my sorrow
You took forgiveness
You took my anger
You made it hate

I see my future is
Much more without you
I don't know
What you're thinking now

It doesn't matter because your
Dead to me
Your dead to me

My time was up
I don't know you
I see so clearly now

I can see

And I feel so


And I know every lie that you told
Every promise you broke
Every life that you ruined
You come home late at night
With these track marks on your arms
And I watch you destroy your life
Well just let me destroy it for you


You took my sorrow
You took forgiveness
You took my anger
You made it hate

I feel like the creator
Of your destruction
Track Name: The Judge
Your word have retribution
Words you say are useless


I'm a broken man
With broken dreams
This journey is mine to take
Worry about yourself
And how can you point fingers
When you're no better then I am
We all have our own fault but no one's perfect

I'm not perfect
Go find yourself
Your thoughts are distorted
Cry out for help
Cry out for help

I thought we had an understanding
But I was wrong
I was wrong

What's wrong with me
What's wrong with you
You cannot judge me
Nor I judge you

Nothing you say can be trusted
My hearts forever guarded
From your judgement